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Our Programs

Infant Program


What to expect

We welcome your baby to our infant program - the first opportunity to understand your child's needs.

Our daycare provides the utmost security, love, and nurturing. Your child gets their own crib, baby toys, and safe space to play.


This time involves gentle communication, exploration, building object familiarity and descriptions, cultivate fine motor skills, and build the foundations of confidence and understanding the world around us.


  • A safe, warm, and welcoming environment that your child grows in familiarity and comfort with.

  • Basic word recognition. Examples: "Ball, red, apple."

  • Reports on benchmark developments including abilities, crawling, walking, and speech.

  • Gradual socializing and collaborative play at child's pace.

Toddler Program


Toddlers are ready to explore the world. Our toddler program is designed to utilize that energy in a fun, creative, and educational way. 

We custom tailor our curriculum to suit your little one's interests. From there, we create activities and projects focusing on building vocabulary, beginning math, making puzzles, creating art,  and encouraging imagination, and personalizing learning.


What to expect

  • A growing vocabulary with grammar outlining everything from descriptive nouns, adjectives, and verbs.

  • Understanding of shapes, colors, letter, and numbers.

  • Social and emotional development through collaborative play learning.

  • Fine and gross motor skills. They will begin writing, as well as gaining playground familiarity. 

  • Creative expression as demonstrated through pictures, reading, art, and building.

  • Socializing and team work building exercises.

Pre-K Program